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La Pieve is an oasis of peace and authenticity in Tuscany, between the hills of Maremma and Monte Amiata. It is an enchanting area that extends to embrace the caresses of the uncontaminated Tyrrhenian sea, at an altitude of 500 meters above sea level.
The area surrounding the Pieve has always been appreciated for the uniqueness of its mild and welcoming microclimate. It has a history rooted in solid traditions, which come from ancient communities of monks and farmers. It tells of a centenary journey of passion, wisdom and devotion, which give the farm a meeting point for those who know how to appreciate the real values of authenticity and genuineness.

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The Pieve di San Giovanni is an integral part of the human fabric from which villages and hilltop villages were born. The fortified farms, often built and inhabited by monks, were the germ that, around the year 1000, allowed the population of the hills and more inland areas. The Fattoria La Pieve has more remote origins, in fact we find traces of Papal documents from the 13th century, in which it is described as a place of worship erected by monks dedicated to prayer and agriculture.

Farmhouse, Oil Mill and Cellar